Wordless Wednesday: There’s So Much Going On In Birmingham, Alabama!

Every week or almost every week, I try to attend an event in Birmingham.  I often wonder if people know how many events take place in this area on a weekly basis.

Last week I attended two theatrical performances that were outstanding. One was ‘Rain, a tribute to the Beatles’ it was similar to a performance I saw in London about five years ago. Performers who looked eerily like the Beatles performed a history of the Beatles music. It was a loud rock n’ roll event, but it kept us all entertained for two and half hours.

Friday I went to a performance of ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ which proved to be as entertaining as it was in London.   The actor who played the Phantom was exceptional. There were few changes in the production itself, but overall, it was very well done.

I can truly say if you want something to do in Birmingham, you can find it.

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